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The Elm Tree Society 是由一群精心挑选的导游组成的,他们在帮助招生办公室方面做了超出职责范围的工作. This may include representing the school at the Fall Open House, In-Home Receptions, or various other admissions events during the year. 榆树协会的一名成员也证明了自己是一个一贯和可靠的导游,充满自信, well spoken and poised. 每年春天,榆树俱乐部的会员都会投票选举新会员加入协会.

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The College Counseling Process at LA

而许多学生直到大三才正式与大学辅导员见面, most of us already know them as teachers, coaches, dorm parents, and advisors. 事实上,正规的网赌软件推荐的辅导员不仅仅是大学专家,这在列出未来大学的名单时非常有帮助.

Leadership Opportunities at LA
Here at Lawrence Academy, I am a part of the Elm tree society, JV volleyball, the theater program, and a leader of Club 1899. 今天,我有机会谈谈洛杉矶学生的领导力机会.


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